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  • Convening mortgage industry stakeholders, consumer advocates, and researchers to share data and policy ideas and develop collaborative solutions that will ensure sustainable homeownership, system stability, and equity in response to the COVID-19 crisis. 

    photo of a house with a sign that reads stay home pandemic COVID19

    The need. The COVID-19 public health crisis has created wide-ranging disruptions and a fast-moving economic downturn with job losses and consumer hardships that are rippling through housing markets and crippling the housing finance system. Congress has quickly passed stimulus packages, and the major federal housing agencies have enacted federal and state forbearance and foreclosure and eviction moratoriums to help homeowners struggling to make their mortgage payments during this global pandemic. In addition, the Federal Reserve and the US Department of the Treasury are taking actions to bolster the housing market by buying mortgage-backed securities at unprecedented levels and creating vehicles to bring liquidity to the mortgage servicing system that supports more than 48 million homeowners with mortgages.

    This crisis has the potential to be more disruptive and far reaching than the 2008 crisis, with different implications and ramifications given its potential length, national scale, unemployment projections, and loss and default projections.  

    The 2008 housing crisis, natural disasters, and similar incidents have taught us that aligned, coordinated, and intentional engagement by mortgage industry, nonprofit, and consumer groups is critical to developing and implementing thoughtful, evidence-based, and effective policies and practices that will mutually benefit consumers and the mortgage industry.

    The goal. Initiated in March 2020, the Mortgage Markets COVID-19 Collaborative will bring together a wide range of experts and stakeholders who will share data and discuss how the mortgage market’s response to this crisis can ensure equity, inclusion, and sustainability for homeowners. We seek to do the following:

    • produce a shared repository of data, research, and policy proposals
    • increase understanding among all participants of the existing data and research and of the concerns and perspectives of other industry and community stakeholders

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