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Michael Elliott, president of Massachusetts’s Amherst College, joins cohost Kimberlyn Leary for a conversation about the value of a liberal arts education, the practice of using evidence well, and the role of evidence in nurturing inclusivity.

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Spotlight On Homeownership
An image of a woman stretching with a cat on her lap.
What really explains the gender homeownership gap’s decline?
photo of military parent with child
Although the VA home loan program offers low down payments and low interest rates, it fails to offer the full range of relief options to former and current service members experiencing financial distress.
Better-targeted policies and programs could boost Black homeownership and reduce racial homeownership disparities, despite high interest rates.
Two women talking on a couch.
Economic constraints, lack of affordability, and lower marriage rates are affecting how many young adults can become homeowners.
photo of house
As the affordable housing crisis worsens, policymakers looking to support young homebuyers could offer tax credits for first-time homebuyers and reform zoning laws to allow for increased density.