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In our latest episode, Fay Twersky, president and director of Atlanta’s Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation, speaks with cohost Sarah Rosen Wartell about strategies for rebuilding trust in institutions, designing effective philanthropic programming, and empowering communities to participate in shaping their own future.

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Spotlight On Foster Care
A boat in the water
Families envision a system that provides support before they are in crisis, but doing so may require transforming how the system currently works.
An image of a group of young adults looking at a cellphone.
After 23 years, Chafee, the major federal legislation supporting transition-age young people in foster care, still has a long way to go in achieving its goals.
Alyssa Beltran, community worker in the Office of Research and Evaluation in Santa Clara County’s Social Service Agency
The Santa Clara County Social Services Agency has taken steps to incorporate young people's voices in their social safety programming, ensuring that the programs meet their actual needs and provide a stable foundation into adulthood.
A young girl with pink hair and headphones working on a laptop.
A few changes to the ways public housing authorities and Family Self-Sufficiency programs work can make them more effective.
Homelessness and child welfare system involvement pose substantial challenges for families, but supportive housing can help them stay together and access secure housing.