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Medical debt is the most common form of debt in collections in the United States, but recent changes from the major credit bureaus have reduced the share of Americans with medical debt in collections reported in their credit files.

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Spotlight On Disability and Equity
Overhead shot of six disabled people of color at a rooftop deck party. An Indigenous Two-Spirit person with a prosthetic leg smiles directly at the camera and gives a thumbs up while everyone else is engaged in conversation.
The input of people with disabilities is necessary evidence in research and policymaking about issues that affect people with disabilities.
Man in a wheelchair getting in a car
If regulated to ensure accessibility, shared autonomous vehicles could improve mobility for people with disabilities.
Home delivery partnerships reduced food access barriers among people with disabilities, showing the power of making policy responsive to disabled people’s needs and preferences.
Person works at a desk sitting in a wheelchair
In 2021, almost one in every four residents of federally assisted housing reported having a disability.