Housing Finance Policy Center

  • This monthly chartbook includes updated figures describing housing credit availability, serious delinquency rates, and mortgage insurance activity. Explore the December 2021 edition.

  • How well does the Community Reinvestment Act foster lending to Black, Hispanic, Asian and other borrowers and neighborhoods of color?

  • After 20 years of effort, many are hopeful UTR data will increase access to credit among historically underserved populations without compromising sound underwriting practices.

  • To support deployment of HAF dollars, we’ve created a dataset assessing foreclosure risk in counties across the country. We’ve also explored data for three states to show how policymakers could use this tool to understand homeowners’ needs.

  • Use our new data tool to explore cities’ aggregate housing wealth to uncover the drivers of racial and ethnic housing gaps.

  • Why does homeownership vary so widely within the AAPI community? And which dataset should you use to determine racial homeownership rates?


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