Human Trafficking Research Portfolio

Human trafficking is not a problem of the past. In fact, we're just beginning to grasp the extent of human trafficking and the forms it takes, from the commercial sex trade to domestic servitude to child trafficking to sweatshops.

Using quantitative and qualitative approaches and working with major players in human trafficking research and regulation, the Urban Institute provides new insight into this complicated and nuanced issue. Our research seeks to better understand and describe the forces that drive trafficking and the effect it has on everyone involved. Our research has informed policy and practice, and we continue to publish groundbreaking studies shedding light on the lives of trafficking victims and the people who prey on them. 

Sex Trafficking

Labor Trafficking

International Human Trafficking

Monitoring Human Trafficking

Urban researchers have been asked to help design or evaluate monitoring programs for the federal government. Though these efforts did not produce public research, they did contribute substantially to efforts to end human trafficking.