Brief Alternative Forms of Justice for Human Trafficking Survivors
Considering Procedural, Restorative, and Transitional
Lilly Yu, Jeanette Hussemann, Hanna Love, Evelyn F. McCoy, Colleen Owens
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Human trafficking survivors do not typically find the traditional criminal justice system’s punitive outcomes for traffickers to match their views of justice, favoring alternative approaches. Drawing from qualitative interviews with 80 survivors of sex and labor trafficking, this brief documents survivors’ experiences with and perceptions of alternative practices, including procedural, restorative, and transitional justice. Overall, respondents view restorative and transitional justice concepts as desirable and promising, suggesting that survivors could perceive greater justice if service providers and criminal justice incorporated these alternative forms of justice into their practices.

Research Areas Crime, justice, and safety
Tags Victims of crime Human trafficking Trauma-informed approaches Restorative justice
Policy Centers Justice Policy Center
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