Federal Evaluation Forum

The emphasis on evidence-based decisionmaking has increased over the past 10 years at all levels of government. At the federal level, the number of proven practices that have been adopted—such as developing learning agendas and integrating performance management with program evaluation—varies between agencies. Administrators and policymakers have a strong interest in expanding their capacity to better use evidence to inform decisions and improve program results.

The Urban Institute’s Federal Evaluation Forum consists of (1) facilitated federal evaluation workshops for federal staff and administrators and (2) public seminars and conferences on issues related to evidence-based policymaking. The forum is coordinated with the Evidence-Based Policymaking Collaborative, the Bipartisan Policy Center, the Forum for Youth Investment, and other organizations. The federal evaluation workshops are held four times a year and are designed to advance professional development and skills.

Federal Evaluation Workshop Materials and Presentations:

The following PowerPoint presentations were presented at the Urban Institute’s Federal Evaluation Forum workshops.

Clearinghouses, Registries, Directories
Demetra Nightingale

Evidence Reviews
Jacob Klerman 

Logic Modeling
Mary Hyde

Integrated Planning for Performance, Evaluation, and Research
Barry Steffen 

Evidence and Evaluation at the US Department of Health and Human Services
Amanda Cash

Benefit-Cost Analysis to Inform Policymaking
Bethanne Barnes

Building Evidence into Agency Management Processes
Susan Jenkins

Using a Learning Agenda Approach to Develop an Evidence Portfolio
Molly Irwin

Evaluation in Planning and Performance Activities
Dennis Johnson