PROJECTEmployer Engagement and Workforce Needs

A strong workforce requires that workers have the skills, experience, and credentials employers demand. Understanding these job requirements, how they are changing, and how they differ across local areas is crucial to building America’s workforce. The public workforce system, which emphasizes employers as customers and key partners, seeks employer input on job, education, and training services.

Our work examines labor market demand and the skills workers need. We assess how programs are engaging employers and provide information for program operators on what works. We conduct analyses to better understand employers’ role in workforce development and how to encourage greater and more productive collaborations.



Frontline Workers in the Retail Sector: A Profile of Characteristics for Advancement
August 2019 Pamela Loprest, Kelly Mikelson

Making the Business Case for Employee Well-Being
June 2019 Molly Scott, Natalie Spievack

The Education-Jobs “Mix-Match”
October 2018 Molly Scott, Demetra Smith Nightingale

Upskilling the Immigrant Workforce to Meet Employer Demand for Skilled Workers
July 2018 Hamutal Bernstein, Carolyn Vilter

Analyzing the Engineering Technician and Technologist Workforce: Data Coverage and Gaps
June 2017 Daniel Kuehn

Employer Engagement by Community-Based Organizations
May 2017 Shayne Spaulding, David Blount

State Workforce and Economic Development Collaboration
May 2017 Lauren Eyster, Amanda Briggs

Occupational Projections for Low-Income Older Workers
April 2017 Kelly S. Mikelson, Daniel Kuehn, Ananda Martin-Caughey

Employer Roles in Building Pipelines for Middle-Skill Jobs in Health Care
April 2017 Pamela J. Loprest, Amanda Briggs, Kelly S. Mikelson

The Goals and Dimensions of Employer Engagement in Workforce Development Programs
December 2015 Shayne Spaulding, Ananda Martin-Caughey


Urban Wire Posts

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July 2017 Robert I. Lerman

​The strengths and weaknesses of new study on Seattle’s minimum wage increases
June 2017 Daniel Kuehn

​Health care employers play a key role in improving worker skills for more rewarding jobs
April 2017 Amanda Briggs, Pamela J. Loprest

​Only data can tell us if jobs are “coming back”
March 2017 Demetra Smith Nightingale, Burt S. Barnow

​Should employers repay student loans or pay higher wages?
April 2016 Sandy Baum

Supporting sector strategies through collaboration between state workforce and economic development
December 2016 Amanda Briggs, Lauren Eyster

Employer engagement: Getting it right under WIOA
December 2015 Shayne Spaulding, Ananda Martin-Caughey

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