Research Report Frontline Workers in the Retail Sector: A Profile of Characteristics for Advancement
Pamela J. Loprest, Kelly S. Mikelson
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Many retail sector employers and their partners are exploring strategies to increase retention and advancement for frontline workers. To support and expand the implementation of these efforts, this report profiles frontline retail workers, providing information on their characteristics, circumstances, and early career advancement. Our findings show that many frontline retail workers are highly educated and could be current targets for advancement, while others would benefit from additional training. Some women could advance by making lateral career moves to other occupations within frontline retail. Some part-time workers want to work more hours, and later-career workers have long retail experience with their employers. We also found that many early-career frontline retail workers are already advancing in retail. Those with higher education, who are receiving training on or off the job, who don’t have children, and who are male are more likely to advance.

Research Areas Education Workforce
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