Research Report Upskilling the Immigrant Workforce to Meet Employer Demand for Skilled Workers
Hamutal Bernstein, Carolyn Vilter
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Immigrants make up one out of six workers in the United States. They are an often overlooked but vital part of local economies and should be a part of local workforce development strategies. This report examines the size and characteristics of the immigrant workforce and explores key strategies that organizations in three cities are using to support training this population.  We use recent census data to provide a demographic profile of the immigrant workforce with national- and metropolitan-level statistics for the largest 100 metropolitan regions, with a focus on lower- and middle-skilled job holders. We share insights collected through interviews with service providers and stakeholders in Dallas, Miami, and Seattle to better understand the barriers to training for this population and the experiences of organizations serving immigrant communities. The report offers recommendations for policymakers, service and training providers, funders, and employers.

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Research Areas Education Immigration Workforce
Tags Workforce development Employment and income data Immigrant access to the safety net Immigrant communities demographics and trends Immigrants and the economy Job training Work supports Beyond high school: education and training Federal, state, and local immigration and integration policy
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