PROJECTLocal Workforce Systems Infographic

This infographic provides a basic framework for understanding local workforce systems, the populations they serve, the key organizations involved, and the functions  they carry out. It is intended to help those who want to learn more about the activities and organizations involved in local systems. Hover over different areas of the infographic for explanations of the different workforce system components. Click on the different components to go to a research brief where you can read additional information about local workforce systems. (You can also go directly to the full brief).

The infographic and the research brief were developed as part of a collaboration between the Urban Institute and JPMorgan Chase to inform and assess New Skills at Work, a $250 million multiyear workforce development initiative that aims to expand and replicate effective approaches for linking education and training efforts with the skills and competencies employers need. 


Research Areas Workforce
Tags Job training Apprenticeships
Policy Centers Income and Benefits Policy Center