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Our People
Executive Leadership

Senior Leadership

Policy Center Vice Presidents  

Matthew Chingos

Center on Education Data and Policy

Tim Waidmann and Lisa Dubay

Health Policy Center (Interim)

Janneke Ratcliffe

Housing Finance Policy Center
Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center (Interim)

Gregory Acs

Income and Benefits Policy Center

David Pitts

Justice Policy Center


Signe-Mary McKernan

Center on Labor, Human Services, and Population

Tené Traylor

Center on Nonprofits and Philanthropy 
Research to Action Lab

Rekha Balu and Celina Barrios-Millner

Office of Race and Equity Research

Tracy Gordon

Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center


Senior Management

Robert M. Buchanan

Vice President, Controller and Assistant Treasurer

Rachel Conway

Vice President, Grants and Contracts

Alvaro Cortes

Vice President, Research and Practice Excellence

Jocelyn Fontaine

Vice President for Strategic Program Development

Todd Greene

Vice President and Executive Director, WorkRise

Shrita Hernandez

Chief Communications Officer and Vice President, Strategic Communications and Outreach


Erin Kundolf

Chief Development and Strategic Partnerships Officer

Graham MacDonald

Chief Information Officer and Vice President, Technology & Data Science

Joell Miller

Vice President, Research Operations

Tracey Patillo Johnson

Vice President, Financial Planning & Analysis

Matthew A. Rogers

Chief of Staff and Sr. Director of Strategy

Jim Taylor

Chief Equity Officer


Institute Fellows

Robert Berenson

Linda J. Blumberg

Elizabeth T. Boris 

Leonard E. Burman

Charles Cadwell

Michael Deich

Judith Feder

Laurie Goodman

Todd Greene

John Holahan

Genevieve Kenney


Robert I. Lerman

Faith Mitchell

Demetra Smith Nightingale

H. Elizabeth Peters

Susan J. Popkin

Robert D. Reischauer

Margaret Simms

C. Eugene Steuerle

Eric Toder

Margery Austin Turner

Stephen Zuckerman