Shrita Hernandnez
Shrita Hernandez
Chief Communications Officer
Vice President, Strategic Communications and Outreach

Shrita Hernandez is the Urban Institute's chief communications officer and vice president of strategic communications and outreach.

Before joining Urban, she served as chief public affairs and communications officer at the National Museum of African American History and Culture and as a member of the museum’s senior leadership team. She also worked with Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution Lonnie Bunch and others across the Smithsonian system on cross-museum projects.

Hernandez previously served as vice president for communications and marketing for the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, communications director for a member of Congress and a congressional committee, chief of staff for a member of the New York State Legislature, and executive director of Miami-Dade Weed and Seed, a nonprofit community organization working to reduce crime and provide positive resources for the community.

She has a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from Florida International University and three master’s degrees in nonprofit management (Florida Atlantic University), public administration (Florida International University), and public communication (American University).