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Linda J. Blumberg
Institute Fellow
Health Policy Center
My work focuses largely on monitoring and evaluating the effects of the implementation of health care reform, nationally and at the state level. I am acutely interested in identifying the policy decisions and other factors that affect the ability of the reforms to meet their goals. Changes to private health insurance and insurance markets, along with their interactions with public programs, are my primary focus.

Linda Blumberg is an Institute fellow in the Health Policy Center at the Urban Institute. She is an expert on private health insurance (employer and nongroup), health care financing, and health system reform. Her recent work includes extensive research related to the Affordable Care Act (ACA); in particular, providing technical assistance to states, tracking policy decisionmaking and implementation at the state and federal levels, and interpreting and analyzing the implications of particular policies. Examples of her work include analyses of the implications of congressional proposals to repeal and replace the ACA, delineation of strategies to fix problems associated with the ACA, estimation of the cost and coverage potential of high-risk pools, analysis of the implications of the King v. Burwell case, and several studies of competition in ACA Marketplaces. In addition, Blumberg led the quantitative analysis supporting the development of a “Road Map to Universal Coverage” in Massachusetts, a project with her Urban colleagues that informed that state’s comprehensive health reforms in 2006.

Blumberg frequently testifies before Congress and is quoted in major media outlets on health reform topics. She serves on the Cancer Policy Institute’s advisory board and has served on the Health Affairs editorial board. From 1993 through 1994, she was a health policy adviser to the Clinton administration during its health care reform effort, and she was a 1996 Ian Axford Fellow in Public Policy.

Blumberg received her PhD in economics from the University of Michigan.

Research Areas
Health and health care
Social safety net

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