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Nonprofit leaders need more resources about the early stages of performance measurement programs and about how to overcome the practical challenges they will face as they build their programs. Complementing the community of practice, the Measure4Change team has published a series of practice briefs and blog posts that explain key concepts and address relevant topics in performance measurement.

Measure4Change Playbook
The Measure4Change Performance Management Playbook is designed to help nonprofit organizations increase their performance measurement capacity with practical recommendations and strategies. Organizations can use this tool to build a learning culture, develop performance measurement tools, collect data, manage data, and communicate their findings.

A New Model for Growing Impact: Measure4Change and Nonprofit Performance Management
A description of the Measure4Change model— a mixture of deep-dive coaching, grant support, peer learning, and practice-oriented briefs — and reflection on lessons learned from the first cohort.

Strategies for Cultivating an Organizational Learning Culture
For nonprofit practitioners seeking to strategies to cultivate a learning culture within their organizations.

Starting Small and Thinking Long Term: Q&A with Performance Measurement and Evaluation Professionals
Three nonprofit performance measurement staff who have been navigating their positions within the Washington, DC, area for several years share lessons learned and tips for getting started and growing.

Navigating Performance Management Software Options
A selection guide for service-delivering nonprofits seeking a software solution.

Expanding Audience and Impact: Nonprofits Communicating Data to External Audiences
Examples and strategies to effectively communicate program data with external stakeholders such as policymakers, funders, and clients.

Performance Measurement to Evaluation
Introducing the performance measurement–evaluation continuum: from using performance measurement and formative evaluation to improve and refine programs, to summative evaluation to determine impact of selected programs.

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