Research Report Measuring Performance: A Guidance Document for Promise Neighborhoods on Collecting Data and Reporting Results
FY 2017/2018 Edition
Jennifer Comey, Peter A. Tatian, Lesley Freiman, Mary K. Winkler, Christopher R. Hayes, Kaitlin Franks
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Promise Neighborhoods is a place-based initiative intended to turn neighborhoods of concentrated poverty into neighborhoods of opportunity. They do this by providing high-quality schools along with a continuum of services spanning from early childhood through college and enhance family and community supports. The Promise Neighborhoods Initiative model has a strong commitment to results-based planning and improvement using real-time data. This guidance document recommends data collection strategies and data system structures to ensure Promise Neighborhoods can manage and produce measurable results. While this guidance document is written specifically for Promise Neighborhoods, these recommendations can be applied to other place-based initiatives. This version of the document was updated to address changes in the Promise Neighborhoods performance indicators for fiscal year 2018 grantees.

For additional resources, visit the Promise Neighborhoods project page.

Research Areas Education Neighborhoods, cities, and metros Families Children and youth
Tags Children's health and development Head Start and elementary education Parenting Community and economic development Data and technology capacity of nonprofits
Policy Centers Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center
Research Methods Performance measurement and management