Data Walks: An Innovative Way to Share Data with Communities

Research Report

Data Walks: An Innovative Way to Share Data with Communities


The Urban Institute HOST team developed a tool we call a Data Walk as a means of sharing data and research findings with stakeholders. A Data Walk focuses on data sharing as the platform for collaboration and can be used whether or not the community has been engaged from the beginning. A Data Walk has several objectives: to share key data and findings with community residents and program participants; to ensure a more robust analysis and understanding of the data; to help inform better programming and policies to address both the strengths and the needs of a particular community or population; and to inspire individual and collective action among community agents.



This video is an addendum with additional strategies and lessons that researchers at Urban's Community Engaged Methods group have learned since first implementing the Data Walk in 2015. The strategies touch upon recruitment, furthering accessibility, and creating virtual data walks, interactive stations, and safe spaces for participants. 

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