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Christina Plerhoples Stacy
Principal Research Associate
Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center
While working on community and economic development in the United States and abroad, it became apparent to me that policymakers and practitioners needed more reliable research to help them decide which policies to employ and how to best implement them. Working at Urban allows me to conduct impartial research that can help decisionmakers better allocate their time and money.

Christina Plerhoples Stacy is a principal research associate in the Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center at the Urban Institute, where she specializes in urban economics, equity, and inclusion. Her work focuses on the intersection of economics and urban spaces and how housing, transportation, local economies, health, and crime interact.

Stacy recently led an effort to develop a set of transportation equity metrics for metropolitan regions throughout the US, and she managed an effort to measure inclusion in US cities. She also led an effort to measure the spatial mismatch between job seekers and employers using big data from Snagajob, the largest online job search engine for hourly workers. 

Stacy is currently studying whether and how local zoning reforms can increase the supply of affordable housing, and she is helping the City of Alexandria, Virginia, develop an accessory dwelling unit regulation. She is also coleading an evaluation of the New Markets Tax Credit Program, and she is part of a team evaluating the Economic Development Administration. Finally, she is leading a randomized controlled trial of an unconditional and conditional cash transfer program coupled with job training aimed at reducing youth violence. 

Stacy serves on the board of the Alexandria Housing Development Corporation. Before joining the Urban Institute, Stacy earned her bachelor’s degree from Boston College, her master’s degree from the University of Pittsburgh’s Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, and her PhD from Michigan State University in agricultural, food, and resource economics.

Research Areas
Crime, justice, and safety
Neighborhoods, cities, and metros
Social safety net
Economic mobility and inequality
Land use
Wealth and financial well-being
Opportunity and ownership
Washington, DC, research initiative
Community and economic development