PROJECTYouth Apprenticeship Mentor Training – Session 2

A strong relationship between an expert mentor and a novice learner is at the heart of every apprenticeship. Mentors support, advise, and instruct apprentices on the job, directly affecting an apprentice’s learning and persistence toward completion.

Urban hosted an interactive Mentor Training session that introduced mentors of youth apprentices to ideas and best practices drawn from research on work-based teaching and learning and adolescent development. In addition to hearing from experts about best practices, the meeting included virtual breakout rooms to enable discussion among participants and encourage continuous learning and sharing of ideas. Participants could refer to Urban’s recently developed guide and games on mentoring youth apprentices as resources.

This is the first session in a series of two. The recording of the next session and supplemental resources will be posted here following the training, so be sure to check back for more training tools!