Housing Finance at a Glance: Monthly Chartbooks

The December 2019 edition of At a Glance, the Housing Finance Policy Center’s reference guide for mortgage and housing market data, includes updated figures describing the size and value of the US housing market, first lien origination volume and composition, the share of loans in and near negative equity, and a special quarterly feature on GSE loan composition, repurchase rates, defaults, and loss severity.

Thank you for your support

As we publish our last chartbook of 2019, and our 75th chartbook overall, we wanted to say thank you to our chartbook readers for your continued support of our work. By using and sharing our data, you’ve helped us ensure that evidence and facts make their way into discussions about housing finance. 

We also want to recognize the support of our original and continuing funders including the Citi Foundation, the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, the Ford Foundation, the Open Society Foundations and our Housing Finance Innovation Forum, a group of organizations and individuals that support high-quality independent research that informs evidence-based policy development. Without their support, this work would not be possible.

For your easy reference, here’s a quick summary of the work of the Urban Institute’s Housing Finance Policy Center in 2019 and a look ahead to the work we plan to focus on in 2020. In 2019, we produced:

Our focus was on critical matters in the mortgage market, including:

We provided valuable evidence on emerging issues, including:

We also submitted comment letters on Home Mortgage Disclosure Act data, the qualified mortgage rule and a proposal to change the HMDA reporting threshold.

And we testified before Congress about reverse mortgages and barriers to minority homeownership;

We are looking ahead to 2020, when we will continue to analyze ongoing issues critical to the health of the housing market, and respond quickly to emerging trends. Among other things, expect to see work from us on these topics in 2020:

  • Reducing the racial wealth gap through affordable housing and homeownership;
  • In-depth data about and analysis of the housing supply shortage;
  • Barriers to homeownership in particular communities; and
  • The ongoing housing finance reform debate.

Please continue to use and share our work. Thank you for your support!

Laurie Goodman and Alanna McCargo, Co-Vice Presidents, Housing Finance Policy Center


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