DYNASIM: Projecting Older Americans’ Future Well-Being

The Urban Institute’s Dynamic Simulation of Income Model (DYNASIM) projects the size and characteristics—such as financial, health, and disability status—of the US population for the next 75 years. Using the best and most recent data available, it helps sort out how the profound social, economic, and demographic shifts that are transforming retirement will likely affect older adults, taxpayers, business, and government. The model can also show how outcomes would likely evolve under changes to public policies, business practices, or individual behaviors.

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The Social Security trustees project that, by the mid-2030s, the system will no longer be able to pay all scheduled benefits. Which reform option should policymakers pursue to help balance the system?
Use our interactive tool to compare how different groups would fare, over time, under the following policy options. (View more detailed results.)

Exploring Social Security Reform Options