Brief DYNASIM: Projecting Older Americans’ Future Well-Being
Urban Institute
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The Urban Institute’s Dynamic Simulation of Income Model (DYNASIM) projects the size and characteristics—such as financial, health, and disability status—of the US population for the next 75 years. Using the best and most recent data available, it helps sort out how the profound social, economic, and demographic shifts that are transforming retirement will likely affect older adults, taxpayers, business, and government. The model can also show how outcomes would likely evolve under changes to public policies, business practices, or individual behaviors. This primer succinctly describes how DYNASIM works and what it can do.
Research Areas Health and health care Wealth and financial well-being Aging and retirement Race and equity Taxes and budgets
Tags Social Security Economic well-being Older workers Employment and income data Racial and ethnic disparities Pensions Wages and nonwage compensation Medicare Medicare and private health insurance Long-term services and support Health insurance Retirement Family care and support Individual taxes Retirement policy Racial inequities in employment Racial inequities in health
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