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Structural Racism in America

Racial and ethnic inequalities loom large in American society. People of color face structural barriers when it comes to securing quality housing, healthcare, employment, and education. Racial disparities also permeate the criminal justice system in the United States and undermine its effectiveness.

At the Urban Institute, we examine how historical and ongoing public policies, institutional practices, and cultural narratives perpetuate racial inequalities and constrain mobility for communities of color.

For decades, our researchers have called attention to the role of race and racism in our public and private institutions and offered evidence-based solutions for how to address these inequities. And now, as events in Charlotte, Baton Rouge, Ferguson, and Baltimore have sparked a new round of national debate, our scholars continue to play a crucial role as we work to elevate the  public discourse around race and inequality in America.  

Photo by Max Herman/NurPhoto via Getty Images.

Next50 Catalyst Brief

What would it take to overcome the damaging effects of structural racism and ensure a more equitable future?