Luisa Godinez-Puig
Luisa Godinez-Puig
Senior Research Associate
Office of Race and Equity Research
I strongly believe that state and local governments are in a unique position to influence citizens’ daily lives. I am keen to work for an institution that shares my values and passion for defending the basic rights of the most underserved.

Luisa Godinez-Puig is a senior research associate in the Office of Race and Equity Research and a former equity scholar at the Urban Institute. Before joining Urban, she worked as a doctoral fellow at the Initiative on Cities and the Center for Antiracist Research (both at Boston University), she was a consultant for the City of Boston, and she was a research consultant at the Inter-American Development Bank and the Organization of American States in Washington, DC. Her work has been published in Urban Affairs Review, Public Health Reports, Ethnopolitics, and the Monkey Cage blog of the Washington Post and by the Brookings Institution and the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University.

Godinez-Puig’s work focuses on two interconnected areas of research, both centered on racial and ethnic justice. The first is on how state and local policies affect racial equity. The second centers on financial well-being for immigrant communities, particularly the role that tax benefits and financial inclusion play in underserved communities.

Godinez-Puig holds a doctorate and a master’s degree in political science from Boston University, a master of laws degree from the University of Chicago, and a law degree (juris doctor equivalent) from Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.

Research Areas
State and local finance
Neighborhoods, cities, and metros
Race and equity
Wealth and financial well-being
Racial segregation
Racial and ethnic disparities
Structural racism
State and local tax issues
Financial stability
Financial Well-Being Data Hub