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Person waits for the subway
The federal government has historically not invested much in funding transit operations. But the CARES Act allocated $25 billion to transit, potentially setting a new precedent.
Youth gathering
For most, the best justice solution is to stay out of the system entirely.
Caretaker helps child with remote learning
15 million parents with school-age children engaged in remote learning report that no adult in their household had moved to telework because of the pandemic.
Trail next to Wyomissing Creek
The COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the importance of public space, demonstrating that it’s more than a “nice to have” amenity. But not everyone has access to quality parks.
Main Street
Businesses hit hard by COVID-19 include restaurants, retail stores, beauty stores and spas, bars and nightlife venues, and fitness venues—key components of commercial corridors.
People stand in line at the grocery store
People in rural areas deserve the same access to life-improving resources, services, and evidence as those in urban areas.
Man rides a bus
A new analysis finds that support for transit referenda in the 2020 elections is likely to come from more racially diverse communities and denser communities located near the proposed transit investment.
Colleagues in a business meeting
Businesses are often absent from cross-sector conversations, but they have unique ideas, resources, and influence that could contribute to impactful change.
Woman stands in front of her house
Data suggest that the financial burden for many renters is increasing as the pandemic continues and as future labor market conditions and additional government assistance remain uncertain.

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