July 23, 2011

This Week's Hot MetroTrends Topics

July 23, 2011

Jobs, health care, and housing -- all essential to US metros’ well-being and all squeezed by federal budget-cutting and economic pressures.

This week’s MetroTrends blog shows how federal policy debates are hitting the ground in urban communities across the country.

  • Kim Reuben shows how federal, state, and local budget cutting help slow job growth.
  • Barbara Ormond proposes ways to save money and lives by curbing the spread of infections in big-city hospitals.
  • Margery Turner wonders if the deficit-reduction battle might redirect housing subsidies to people and places that need help, rather than suburban homeowners with jumbo mortgages.
  • Zach McDade describes a community-driven response to the foreclosure crisis where national policies fall short.

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