Urban Wire Northeast and Midwest Have Fared Best Since Recession
Graham MacDonald
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President Obama’s new job-creation proposals have a national scope.  Fine and good.  But which areas of the country need the prescribed help most?  Recent MetroTrends analysis indicates that metros in the Midwest and Northeast have fared the best while metros in states hit hardest by the housing crisis-- such as Florida, Nevada, and California-- have suffered the most in the Great Recession.

To improve understanding of these changes geographically and over time, MetroTrends has created interactive visualizations based on data from our nation’s metropolitan areas.  Like the first, pictured here, each visualization will allow users to digest data in seconds, explore individual metro-level trends with the click of a mouse, and download data in an easy-to-use format for further analysis.

Click the image below to begin exploring.


Two years after the recession officially ended, unemployment has remained relatively unchanged in 66 of the top 100 metros, improved in 23, and worsened in 11.  While metro areas like Fresno, El Paso, and Miami have seen unemployment rates rise, a surprising number of metros resemble Cleveland and Detroit, where unemployment has fallen.

Of course, each metropolitan area has a unique story.  But looking more closely at the metropolitan areas that have fared best in hard times should help our leaders craft policy that helps the overwhelming number of metros where high unemployment still exists.

We invite you to explore the data to uncover critical insights and interesting national, regional, and local stories.  

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