Urban Wire MetroTrends Week in Review
Zachary J. McDade
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Over the holidays, MetroTrends bloggers tackled six topics for readers who care about metro regions and policy strategies:

  • Akiva Liberman argued that, too often, public programs are branded as failures — and scrapped — based on superficial evidence about their effectiveness.
  • Rolf Pendall suggested that metros shouldn’t be expected to solve all their problems without federal support, both because national trends (and policies) cause those problems and because the whole nation benefits from metropolitan resilience.
  • Erwin de Leon forecast another challenging year for nonprofits working to strengthen metropolitan communities and their residents.
  • Greg Mills highlighted Americans’ low savings rate and argues for tools and incentives that help small-dollar savers.
  • Kim Rueben offered lessons on the politics of state budgets, comparing the budget battles in California and New York.
  • Molly Scott suggested that local housing codes may prevent lower income families from finding affordable housing solutions.