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MetroTrends bloggers this week described the unique challenges – and promises – in two particular communities. As always, The Urban Institute’s fact-based approach sheds new light on old problems, and suggests paths forward.

Molly Scott and her team won a Promise Grant for the Langley Park neighborhood in Prince George’s County, Maryland. This $500,000 award will design a system of family, school and community supports to foster children’s education from cradle to career in this high-poverty, immigrant neighborhood.

Jesse Jannetta of the Justice Policy Center wrote a four-post series about California’s incarcerated population. He started by examining the second annual 15,000 person decline in the Federal prison population. It’s not the success some claim – because California’s prison population also fell by 15,000; the prison decline is a California Story.

So, what is the California story? Legislative requirements have sent many California prisoners into the jail system instead, dramatically increasing jail populations.

The growing jail population is made up largely of sentenced prisoners serving their time in jails instead of prisons.

This creates a unique problem for jail reentry services – the support systems for prisoners transitioning back into the community after their sentences.