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The presidential election is over and as a nation we must now assess what the results mean for public policy and our country. MetroTrends gave you a look at the role we hope to play in the coming months with four posts this election week:

  • Lisa Dubay, Sharon Long and Emily Lawton of the Health Policy Center wrote about Massachusetts health reform and its effects on jobs and the economy. The upshot? Similarly-structured Obamacare – now likely to be fully implemented – probably won’t harm the economy
  • Housing expert Claudia Sharygin wrote about housing markets in the swing states and the role they have played in the election
  • MetroTrends reflected on its contributions to public policy in the election season, highlighting the importance of local variation in national economic conditions
  • Katie Toran summarized the results of a new study about corporate taxation: which cities are most and least-heavily taxed?

Stay tuned: more to come next week.