September 15, 2012

MetroTrends week in review

The Census bureau released its annual poverty numbers this week and, unsurprisingly, they show that tens of millions of people still face a daily economic struggle. Next week we’ll discuss this issue in more detail. Until then, don’t miss this week’s posts on MetroTrends's typically broad range of relevant policy topics.

  • Katherine Toran summarized a fascinating study about people’s economic optimism: which state is most optimistic? Which state is least?
  • Marge Turner makes the case that neighborhoods have nuanced, complicated affects on the people they shelter, and that a good neighborhood benefits its residences
  • Rolf Pendall wrote a guest column in the Atlantic Cities about 20-34 year-olds and their relationship with city-living…what societal changes will they foster in the coming decade?
  • Sue Popkin writes about a serious and underreported struggle of concentrated poverty: young men living with gun-violence related disabilities
  • Erwin de Leon connects the Chicago Teachers’ Strike to immigration and social equality issues



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