July 14, 2012

MetroTrends week in review

This week the MetroTrends blog had two types of posts – rigorous empirical analysis of the nation’s economic and social well-being, and explanation and analysis of policies aiming to affect that well-being. That is the mission of Urban and MetroTrends – to improve both sides of the policy process with high-quality, data-driven insight.

Click below to read this week’s posts, and check back next week.

  • Gene Steuerle looks at marriage “penalties” and “incentives” in the federal tax code – and wonders if we could address issues of equality and efficiency by rethinking this part of the tax system
  • Erica Meade summarizes her research on how the recession affected men’s and women’s unemployment differently – and what those differences could (or perhaps don’t) mean in terms of economic recovery
  • Brett Theodos discusses new research on factors that predict who might end up in precarious housing situations – and sheds light on ways to address people’s vulnerabilities before they end up in that housing
  • Michael Martinez-Schiferl highlights his new research on WIC – the supplemental nutrition program for women, infants and children – with a new interactive map. See which states do best in providing benefits to those who are eligible, and which do worst.




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