October 8, 2011

MetroTrends Week in Review

October 8, 2011

This week, MetroTrends bloggers tackled an eclectic mix of topics, looking at life in metropolitan America from many angles:

  • KiDeuk Kim raises ethical questions about sentencing based on predicted (rather than actual) criminal behavior.
  • Bob Lerman’s five-part alternative to the Obama jobs plan promises a bigger bang for fewer bucks.
  • Rolf Pendall argues for the value of dog parks – not just for dog owners (and there are lots of us), but for neighborhood vitality.
  • Rich Johnson shows what the latest unemployment numbers mean for older workers who want to keep working (and need to) but can’t.

And, if you haven’t seen it yet, check out MetroTrends’ new interactive unemployment map, featuring the latest numbers for the top 100 metros.  You can see the national picture, compare metros, or download data for your own analysis.



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