Urban Wire MetroTrends Week in Review
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This week, MetroTrends bloggers offered up solid information about contentious issues facing the D.C. region and other metros:

  • Erwin de Leon provides new numbers showing the intense economic pressures facing D.C.-area nonprofits.
  • Megan Denver delivers the facts (not the hype) about crime at the D.C. region’s subway stations.
  • Meagan Cahill sorts out what we know (and don’t know) about flash mobs.
  • Kim Rueben argues that national political leaders could learn a lot about tackling fiscal problems from some state and local success stories.

On top of all that, Graham MacDonald introduces MetroTrends’ new interactive mapping capability and its debut map featuring information on unemployment trends for the top 100 metros. And you might also want to check out the latest MetroTrends commentary (contributed by Howard Wial and Richard Shearer of the Brookings Institution). It shows that job losses in the current downturn have been far more severe and long-lasting than in any other recession of the last three decades.

We hope you like the facts you get from MetroTrends bloggers. If so, pass MetroTrends on to friends and colleagues. And come back next week!