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Erika C. Poethig
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Every time a new piece of research about Millennials comes out, my twitter feed blows up.  The fascination with Millennials’ choices about where and how they want to live, how they get around, how they spend their leisure time, and their financial opportunities, is contagious and sometimes hard to follow in the Twitter format.

So last week, with some urging from my Urban Institute colleague Dave Connell, I took this conversation to a new social media platform called Branch and invited folks from both inside and outside of Urban to have a more “long-form” discussion about Millennials’ housing preferences. What ensued was a really interesting exchange with links to new and existing research that I hope you’ll find interesting. (It’s pasted below) We’ve closed the conversation on Branch for now, but I hope that you’ll weigh in using this post’s comments section, and join us for future conversations about Millennials and other hot topics.

Read the full conversation on Branch after the break.

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