Brief Younger People with Disabilities and State Health Policy
Joshua M. Wiener
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Younger persons with disabilities accounted for nearly one-third of the extraordinary growth in Medicaid spending over the 1988-1995 period. This population is critical to state efforts to control Medicaid expenditures and to reform health care. The brief discusses service delivery issues: the balance between institutional and home and community-based care; and the integration of acute and long-term care services within a managed care system. It also reviews four financing issues: the variation among states in Medicaid spending for this population; the link between Medicaid eligibility and the definition of disability used to qualify for SSI; the use of Medicaid home and community-based waivers; and the incentives for states to place service programs for younger people with disabilities under the Medicaid umbrella.
Research Areas Health and health care
Tags Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program