Brief Toolkit for Developing Parental Arrest Policies: Children of Incarcerated Parents Project
Emma Kurs, Bryce Peterson, Lindsey Cramer, Jocelyn Fontaine
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This toolkit outlines key considerations for law enforcement agencies interested in developing parental arrest policies. These policies prioritize the physical and emotional well-being of children by helping officers think through how to handle the dynamic scenarios they face when arresting a parent. They seek to reduce the number of children who witness their parent’s arrest, who are left alone after their parent’s arrest, and who are placed in shelter care. This helps to minimize the deleterious effects on children who witness their parent’s arrest while helping to develop children’s positive perceptions of law enforcement which may contribute to improved police-community relationships.
Research Areas Crime, justice, and safety Families Children and youth
Tags Victims of crime Corrections Courts and sentencing Child care Children's health and development Child welfare Policing and community safety Family violence Foster care Parenting Kids in context Mass incarceration
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