Research Report Mapping for Community-Based Prisoner Reentry Efforts: A Guidebook for Law Enforcement and Their Partners
Nancy G. La Vigne
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This guidebook explores ways in which mapping can aid police responses to prisoner reentry. It addresses why and how police can take an active role in prisoner reentry efforts and how mapping can aid in those efforts. It describes strategies for engaging in data-sharing partnerships with corrections agencies, and the useful maps that can be produced. It closes with a discussion of how police agencies, in partnership with corrections, service providers, and community representatives, can use maps to better enhance public safety by reducing recidivism among released prisoners and apprehending those who do recidivate swiftly and efficiently.
Research Areas Crime, justice, and safety Neighborhoods, cities, and metros
Tags Corrections Courts and sentencing Crime and justice analytics Policing and community safety Reentry and community supervision
Policy Centers Justice Policy Center