Research Report Learning from Child Care Providers Across Settings
Heather Sandstrom, Amelia Coffey, Julia R Henly, Juliet Bromer, Allegra Spalding, Whitney Thomas, Erica Greenberg, Teresa Derrick-Mills
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As part of the Illinois–New York Child Care Research Partnership, this report explores the experiences of both licensed and licensed-exempt child care providers serving subsidized children from a diverse set of communities. We discuss how the subsidy program benefits the financial well-being of low-income families and their child care providers. We also identify multiple factors that limit families’ access to stable subsidized care, such as restrictive program eligibility requirements and administrative issues. We describe how providers support parents to improve their subsidy stability and child care continuity, the burdens providers face, and efforts needed to improve subsidy administration and quality initiatives to better reach program goals.

Research Areas Education Families Children and youth Immigrants and immigration Workforce
Tags Workforce development Immigrant children, families, and communities Child care Early childhood education Kids in context Child care and workers Child care and early childhood education
Policy Centers Center on Labor, Human Services, and Population