Fact Sheet How Head Start Grantees Set and Use School Readiness Goals: Highlights from a Research Study
Heather Sandstrom, Julia B. Isaacs, Monica H. Rohacek
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This brief presents highlights from a research study that describes how local Head Start and Early Head Start grantees set school readiness goals, how they collect and analyze data to track progress toward goals, and how they use these data in program planning and practice to improve program functioning. Based on a telephone survey with 73 grantees and follow-up site visits to 11 grantees, this study found that grantees have largely embraced the school readiness goals requirement, but were still learning to analyze and interpret school readiness data. It is accompanied by the full research report of the same title.
Research Areas Education Children and youth
Tags Children's health and development Head Start and elementary education Early childhood education
Policy Centers Center on Labor, Human Services, and Population