Journal Article Getting by in the Community: Lessons from Frail Elders
Sharon K. Long, Korbin Liu, Kirsten Black, Janet O'Keeffe, Sheila Molony
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This study explores how low-income functionally impaired, elderly persons are able to remain in the community without home- and community-based care (HCBC). We find that, while most rely on informal care and Medicare home care services, many go without needed services. In a comparison with participants, the non-participants were found to be significantly more likely to enter a nursing home. While the study cannot attribute the higher nursing home entry to the absence of HCBC services with certainty, the findings raise the possibility that an expansion of HCBC services could delay the need for nursing home care for this population. (Long, Sharon, Liu, Korbin, Black, Kirsten, O'Keeffe, Janet, and Molony, Sheila. 2005. "Getting by in the Community: Lessons from Frail Elders." Journal of Aging & Social Policy 71(1): 19-44.)
Research Areas Health and health care
Tags Health care delivery and payment Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program  Disability and long-term care Community-based care Medicare
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