Brief Economic Empowerment for Families
Lessons for Homeless Service Providers
Samantha Batko, Sarah Gillespie, Amanda Gold
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The long-term financial stability of families is a common concern among homeless service providers, but one that they rarely have the resources or capacity to address. As part of an evaluation the Urban Institute is conducting for Hamilton Families, a homeless service provider in San Francisco, we interviewed four programs focused on asset building, workforce development, work support strategies, and other approaches to improve families’ financial circumstances. Across these economic empowerment programs, five key takeaways emerged for programs serving homeless families: programs (1) set short-term goals, (2) employed multiple service strategies, (3) emphasized financial literacy, (4) leveraged regional collaboration and mutual referral networks, and (5) limited long-term follow-up.
Research Areas Families Housing
Tags Homelessness
Policy Centers Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center