Research Report Denver Supportive Housing Social Impact Bond Initiative: Evaluation and Research Design
Mary K. Cunningham, Michael Pergamit, Sarah Gillespie, Devlin Hanson, Shiva Kooragayala
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Social Impact Bonds (SIBs) are performance-based contracts where private or philanthropic investors loan funds to accomplish a specific objective and are repaid based on whether the program achieves its goals. Denver’s SIB initiative will use funds from investors to provide housing and supportive case management services to at least 250 homeless individuals who frequently use the city’s emergency services.

Repayment to investors is contingent upon the achievement of the program’s outcome targets for housing stability and a reduction in jail bed days. This report details the independent evaluation designed by the Urban Institute to determine whether the program achieves the outcome targets.

Research Areas Housing
Tags Homelessness Pay for success
Policy Centers Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center