Research Report Atlantic Exchange: Case Studies of Housing and Community Redevelopment in the US and the UK
Diane K. Levy, Harris Beider, Susan J. Popkin, David Price, Aurelie Broeckerhoff
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Providers of publicly subsidized housing in both the US and the UK have partnered with private sector entities to provide affordable housing for a number of years now. Though the policy contexts differ considerably between the two countries, the problems that housing and community redevelopment efforts seek to address are similar, as are the approaches taken to address them. In the second phase of joint research, the Urban Institute and the Institute for Community Cohesion examined two previously distressed communities that have undergone considerable change in their built environments and resident base. The case studies highlight changes in management, community safety, and place identity in places seeking nothing short of community transformation. This report presents the case studies and suggests lessons drawn from the exchanges that took place during the summer of 2009.
Research Areas Neighborhoods, cities, and metros
Policy Centers Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center