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A local workforce development system encompasses the organizations and activities that prepare people for employment, help workers advance in their careers, and ensure a skilled workforce.

These systems are complex, with multiple funding sources, programs, organizational missions, target populations, and labor market demands. Stakeholders include employers, public workforce agencies, community colleges, community-based organizations, state and local governments, unions and trade associations, and philanthropic organizations. Local systems are also influenced by the state and federal context.

The Urban Institute is working to better understand local and regional workforce systems and federal, state, and local roles. We study the engagement of different stakeholders, how to improve system collaboration and efficiency, and how to measure whether investments are achieving system goals. 



Improving Economic Opportunity through Health Care Training
January 2019 Pamela J. Loprest

Strategies to Meet the Needs of Young Parent Families
September 2018 Alan D. Dodkowitz, Yuju Park, Shayne Spaulding

Public Funding for Job Training at the State and Local Level
June 2018 Kelly S. Mikelson and Ian Hecker

Workforce Development and Low-Income Adults and Youth
September 2017 Lauren Eyster, Demetra Smith Nightingale

State Workforce and Economic Development Collaboration
May 2017 Lauren Eyster, Amanda Briggs

TAACCCT Approaches, Targeted Industries, and Partnerships
March 2017 Lauren Eyster, Elissa Cohen, Kelly S. Mikelson, Christin Durham

Changing Workforce Systems
February 2017 Hamutal Bernstein, Ananda Martin-Caughey

Federal Investments in Job Training at Community Colleges
December 2016 Lauren Eyster, Christin Durham, Theresa Anderson

Systems Change under the Health Profession Opportunity Grants (HPOG) Program
June 2016 research report by Hamutal Bernstein, Lauren Eyster, Jennifer Yahner, Stephanie Own, and Pamela Loprest

Understanding Local Workforce Systems
March 2016 Lauren Eyster, Christin Durham, Michelle Van Noy, and Neil Damron

Coordinating Workforce and Economic Development under WIOA
October 2015 Lauren Eyster


Urban Wire posts

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October 2015 Norton Francis and Lauren Eyster

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