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  • Community activists gather near a small memorial outside a liquor store on the city's south side where 58-year-old fellow activist Willie Cooper was shot and killed on July 17, 2017 in Chicago, Illinois.

    Gun-related injuries and deaths continue to undermine the health and well-being of people and neighborhoods throughout the United States. Fatal and nonfatal shootings disproportionately affect people of color and disadvantaged neighborhoods, reinforcing disparities around health, opportunity, and economic development. Our researchers collaborate across disciplines to understand the causes and consequences of gun violence and to inform actionable violence reduction strategies.

    Our research portfolio covers many topics—from measuring the costs of gun violence to working with communities to develop antiviolence strategies—and is rooted in three areas:

    • Documenting the widespread effects of gun violence, like the trauma of exposure, the hospital costs of injury, and the depression of local economies and housing markets

    • Learning from community perspectives and listening to the voices of those most affected by gun violence, both when it comes to experiences of violence and solutions to reduce it

    • Evaluating promising programs and technologies that communities can institute to combat gun violence, such as comprehensive group violence intervention programs and gunshot detection technology

    Our research is elevating evidence that state and local policymakers, advocacy organizations, and national stakeholders need to reduce gun violence and help communities flourish.

    Our team:

    Gbenga Ajilore, Shani Buggs, Nkechi Erondu, Jocelyn Fontaine, Anuj Gangopadhyaya, Embry Howell, Jesse Janetta, Jenny Kenney, KiDeuk KimNancy La Vigne, Tracey LloydMathew Lynch, Dean Obermark, Cameron Okeke, Emily Reimal, Carla Vásquez-Noriega

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