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KiDeuk Kim
Senior Fellow
Justice Policy Center

KiDeuk Kim is a senior fellow in the Justice Policy Center at the Urban Institute, where he leads multidisciplinary research teams to examine issues related to criminal justice interventions and policies. He has extensive research experience and national expertise in actuarial decisionmaking in criminal justice, criminal case processing, and policy evaluations. His work has been sponsored by several branches of the US Department of Justice, state and local governments, academic and scientific institutions, and private-sector entities. He was a visiting fellow at the US Department of Justice’s Bureau of Justice Statistics from 2015 to 2018. Before joining Urban, Kim was a senior researcher for the State of New York, providing strategic planning and research oversight for numerous task forces on criminal justice issues. His current research focuses on promoting data-driven decisionmaking in the criminal justice system and translating empirical research into policy recommendations. His research has appeared in prominent academic journals and has been cited in elite media outlets.

Research Areas
Crime, justice, and safety
Courts and sentencing
Policing and community safety