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Reports related to Urban's research on health care for Massachusetts, and the state's groundbreaking new, near-universal, health policy that followed.

On the Road to Universal Coverage: Impacts of Reform in Massachusetts at One Year

In April 2006, Massachusetts passed legislation intended to move the state to almost universal coverage within three years and, in conjunction with that expansion, to improve access to affordable, high-quality health care. In roughly the first year under reform, uninsurance among working-age adults was reduced by almost half among those surveyed, dropping from 13 percent in fall 2006 to 7 percent in fall 2007.

At the same time, access to care improved and the share of adults with high out-of-pocket costs and problems paying medical bills dropped. Despite higher than anticipated costs, most residents of the state continued to support reform.

This report, originally released on Health Affairs,  was cited by The Associated Press, Washington Post, Boston Herald, Boston Globe, New York Times, Marketplace, and many other media outlets.

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