PROJECTPostsecondary Education and Training

Postsecondary Education and Training

A growing number of jobs require education beyond high school but less than a four-year degree.

Over the past decade, there have been significant innovations in how best to provide this postsecondary education and training, particularly to nontraditional students. (Nontraditional students include those who are juggling school, work, and family responsibilities; have been out of school for many years; need upgrades in basic literacy or math skills; and face challenges completing education and training.) These innovations—funded by governments, foundations, and industry—address ways to structure programs for success, improve access to education and training opportunities, and create new opportunities that meet the needs of target populations.

We assess these innovations in community colleges, career pathway programs, apprenticeship approaches, and education and training supports. Our work informs program operators and designers about how best to meet student needs and helps policymakers decide how to invest public dollars.



Community Colleges for the Future
Technology and the Future of Learning and Training



Fulfilling the Promise of Career Pathways: Strategies that Support Career Advancement
October 2018 Lauren Eyster, Semhar Gebrekristos

Stepping on the Gas: Community Colleges as Engines of Economic Mobility
February 2018 Pamela J. Loprest and Cheryl L. Hyman

Building Workforce Success
January 2018 Lauren Eyster

​Findings from the Accelerating Opportunity Evaluation: Building the Evidence on Integrated Career Pathways
January 2018 Lauren Eyster, Theresa Anderson, Robert I. Lerman, Daniel Kuehn, Burt S. Barnow, Maureen Conway, Ranita Jain, Marcela Montes

Analyzing the Engineering Technician and Technologist Workforce: Data Coverage and Gaps
June 2017 Daniel Kuehn

Job Training and the Workforce Development System
April 2017 Demetra Smith Nightingale

Investments in the Workforce
May 2017 Norton Francis, Lauren Eyster

TAACCCT Goals, Design, and Evaluation
March 2017 Kelly S. Mikelson, Lauren Eyster, Christin Durham, Elissa Cohen

Federal Investments in Job Training at Community Colleges
December 2016 Lauren Eyster, Christin Durham, Theresa Anderson

Community Colleges: Multiple Missions, Diverse Student Bodies, and a Range of Policy Solutions
August 2016 David Baime, Sandy Baum


Urban Wire Posts

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March 2017 Shayne Spaulding

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December 2016 Amanda Briggs, Lauren Eyster

How 2017's leaders should think about jobs

June 2016 Shayne Spaulding, Lauren Eyster

Expanding opportunity through career pathways and training for middle-skill jobs
June 2016 Pamela Loprest

What you need to know about the new workforce development bill
July 2015 Lauren Eyster

How do we grow our economy when most of the jobs are low wage and low skill?
January 2014 Lauren Eyster

Five ways to help Americans get jobs
January 2014 Shayne Spaulding



Community Colleges since the Great Recession
December 2016 David Baime, Sandy Baum, Lauren Eyster, Dan Phelan, Margery Austin Turner, David Wessel


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