Measure4Change guides nonprofits to achieve greater impact and better program outcomes by building their capacity to measure and evaluate.

Nonprofits recognize the importance of measuring program effectiveness, but their abilities vary widely, and resources for improvement are scarce. With Measure4Change, we are working to fill the long-standing gap between what nonprofits want and what they can do. Measure4Change delivers performance measurement training in a practical and accessible way over an extended period to help it take hold. The ultimate goal is to help nonprofits better understand how they are helping their constituencies and to recommend changes to do even better.

Origin of Measure4Change
The World Bank Group engages with its headquarters’ host city, Washington, DC, by supporting local nonprofits’ efforts to end poverty and build shared prosperity. The World Bank Group identified a critical nonprofit capacity need around performance measurement and, in 2013, began working with the Urban Institute to fund, codesign, and cocreate Measure4Change to support nonprofits in the DC region. And the Urban Institute has since expanded the initiative to Baltimore through support from the Annie E. Casey Foundation.