Many nonprofits serve clients whose lives are shaped by racial and socioeconomic inequities. Through Measure4Change, we develop leaders and support organizations that use data to design more equitable programs and improve communities.

Nonprofits are eager to measure what they do and what difference they make in communities. But resources for measurement and evaluation work are scarce. Measure4Change delivers coaching, training, and facilitates peer learning exchange. We do this to help nonprofits better understand how they are helping their clients and how to do so even better.

Origin of Measure4Change
The World Bank Group engages with its headquarters’ host city, Washington, DC, by supporting local nonprofits’ efforts to end poverty and build shared prosperity. The World Bank Group identified a critical nonprofit capacity need around performance measurement and, in 2013, began working with the Urban Institute to fund, codesign, and cocreate Measure4Change to support nonprofits in the DC region. And the Urban Institute has since expanded the initiative to Baltimore through support from the Annie E. Casey Foundation.