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Elevating community voices

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“We can all be more attuned to how immigrants are affected by tax laws.”

Alyssa Beltran, community worker in the Office of Research and Evaluation in Santa Clara County’s Social Service Agency
The Santa Clara County Social Services Agency has taken steps to incorporate young people's voices in their social safety programming, ensuring that the programs meet their actual needs and provide a stable foundation into adulthood.
Abdul Kareem Muhammad, CEO and cofounder of Brotha’s Huddl
We talked with leaders of four Washington, DC-based grassroots organizations involved in a community-engaged research project about the importance of partnering with local groups.
Cameron Brannum, facilitator at Sasha Bruce Youthwork
Five Washington, DC-based program facilitators explain how they lead with relatability, consistency, and sincerity as they set an example for the young people they work with.
Shavaughn Stewart, supervisor of foster care programming for The Door
Staff members from youth-serving organizations weigh in on ways to set young people up for success.
“We can all be more attuned to how immigrants are affected by tax laws.”
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Through the five included essays, the authors explain how data practitioners have historically fallen short in data collection, application, and representation, leading to lasting harm and distrust of researchers and fewer pathways for advancement in data fields.
Curtis “Coach” Peedy Monroe, a former Benning Terrace resident, is the director and head football coach of the Benning Terrace Soldiers, a mentor, violence interrupter, and fearless champion for his community.
Community members offer insights into the value, practice, and challenges of community-based participatory research, a policy research tool often underused outside public health that deserves greater traction.
Note Illustration of women's voices
Understanding women’s motivations for preventing unplanned pregnancies and their experiences with family planning services can help health care providers, educators, and policymakers better address women’s needs.
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Manmeet Kaur discusses rethinking the healthcare system and bridging the gap between policy and action as the inaugural Janice Nittoli Fellow.
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AALEAD provides after-school, summer, and mentoring programs for low-income Asian American youth in the DC area.
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Latinx English learners are a diverse group, but they share a struggle that can be alleviated through specialized support inside and outside the classroom.